How To Stay Healthy & Beat Our Fluctuating Temperatures

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Is it Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring? It seems like Mother Nature has yet to make up her mind.

“Yes indeed, but it’s welcome. I love running in the warm weather. The cold weather is not too good for my lungs; makes me feel slow and old.”

“I’ve got a knee injury that I got six years ago, so when it gets real cold it affects it. It hurts.”

“It also affects your mindset too. I mean, you get in one frame of mind when it’s cold, but then you have to make the adjustment to get back in the other frame of mind when it gets warm!”

Since Thanksgiving we’ve gone from sweaters to tank tops. Our 7-day forecast is all over the place. In just days the weather has played tricks on our body, but is it too much for some to handle.

WGNO’s Dr. Rachel Reitan says, “Cold weather does predispose you to getting a little bit more sick.”

Dr. Rachel says drastic changes in the weather can definitely add stress on your body. For one: it can cause asthma and allergies to flare up.

“Another interesting thing is that when it’s cold, like this weekend, everyone needs to be aware that we have disease fighting cells in our nose, and what happens is those decrease in cold weather and you’re at higher risk for getting a cold,” explains Dr. Rachel, “People who really have to be concerned are kids younger than four and infants because they are dependent on their care givers to keep their temperature regulated. So parents out there need to be aware. Just because today you wore a little t-shirt on your baby, tomorrow you may need to bundle them up; same with people over the age of 65. They have a little bit harder time regulating their temperature, so they just need to be cognizant.”

Regardless of your age Dr. Rachel says to beat the fluctuating temperatures:

–          Wash your hands

–          Dress appropriately

–          Get your flu shot

–          Wear insect repellent (It’s still warm enough at times for mosquitoes to do some damage.)