David Warren trial underway

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Some of the darkest hours of Hurricane Katrina are coming back to life in a New Orleans courtroom. An ex-cop if facing re-trial after he was convicted of shooting an unarmed man to death at an Algiers shopping center in the chaotic days after the storm.

“Office David Warren shot a fleeing man who was unarmed and posed no threat,” said prosecutors in their opening statements Wednesday morning.

This is the second trial for former officer David Warren who was convicted of shooting and killing Henry Glover and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

An appeals court later ordered a new trial, which began this week.

It was a case that caught national attention the first time: four other cops were convicted of a cover-up which included setting a car on fire with Glover’s body inside in order to destroy any possible evidence of alleged police misconduct.

In opening statements, prosecutors said, “When the defendant pulled the trigger Henry Glover was running away. Police training says officers may not shoot an unarmed man who is fleeing. David Warren was trained.”

But the defense told jurors a different story: “He [Office Warren] believed Glover was armed. He saw Glover with something in his hand, didn’t know what it was. So, he raised his gun and shot.”

Witnesses have begun offering their testimony on the stand. Trial is expected to last up to two weeks.