Who Dat Hangover: Saints Arrive & Fans React

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fans and saints

As the boys in black and gold touch down in New Orleans a small crowd of loyal Who Dats cheer.

Saints fan Nicole Lombardi says, “I’m hoping that they got a little pep in their step now, and are ready to get some Panthers now.”

It’s been a rough 24-hours. Monday night the Saints were defeated by the Seahawks. The final score was 34 – 7.

“I would have picked us 34 – 7 the other way,” says Saints fan Steve Rawlins.

“It was pitiful. It hurt,” says Saints fan Dan Rivers.

“Didn’t really see the team that I knew could play,” says Lombardi.

“Next week will be tough,” says Saints Fan Randy Lagrande.

“They had a bad game and you expect any team or any good team to have one bad game, so I don’t fault them for that,” says Charles Walton.

Saints fans are hopeful. After all, the atmosphere in Seattle was so intense football fans there caused earthquake like vibrations Monday night. All the commotion registered between a magnitude 1 and 2 earthquake at a monitoring station about a block from the stadium.  Plus, as if to rub salt in the wound, the United flight the team was scheduled to take was cancelled after someone found a cracked window.

Saints fan Dan Rivers says, “I thought it was good they spent the night in Seattle instead of jumping on a plane. What? They would have gotten in at four in the morning or something? So maybe it will work in their favor; getting a night’s sleep.”

The team landed at Armstrong International Airport just before 3:30 Tuesday afternoon. It’ll be a short week as they prepare to face Carolina in the dome on Sunday.

“Carolina coming to town, won eight in a row, pressure is on them. It’s in our house. I’m hoping we can do it,” says Rawlins.

“I think the important thing right now is to stay focused, to beat Carolina because beating Carolina we win the NFC South and that’s what’s important right now,” says Walton.