Tips to maintain your weight during the holidays

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Last week, we gorged on turkey and all the trimmings. Now, we’re starting to see Christmas cookies and candy canes appear everywhere. That’s bad news for our waistlines! So how do we keep our girlish figures? Here are some simple tips that may come in handy:

This one is crazy enough to actually work: eating your holiday goodies on a red plate might cause you to eat less.  The jury’s still out on this one and more research to be done, but it may be worth a try.

You’ve heard enough nagging during your childhood to know that you should eat your vegetables. Remember this during the holidays! Vegetables will help you fill up on fiber, so you might put down the pie.

We know better than to tell New Orleanians to cut back on cocktails at holiday parties, but a good compromise is to drink one glass of water before each cocktail. You’ll avoid a hangover the next morning and be in better shape overall.

It’s hard to sneak off to the gym when you’re running around, but don’t just give up on exercise all together. Try to squeeze in a few workouts each week to counteract the effects of all those cookies you’ve been throwing down!