SnoWizard’s Naughty and Nice Ad

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SnoWizard on Magazine Street is closed for the season but it’s ringing in the holidays with a risqué billboard outside its shop.  News With A Twist reporter Deepak Saini shows us how people are reacting to the ad that’s more naughty than nice.

You probably haven’t thought about a snoball all winter.  To keep them fresh on our mind, SnoWizard put up a new ad outside its shop.

The billboard presents a thought-provoking question.  So we asked SnoWizard owner Ronnie Sciortino.  He says, “We wanted it to be a little risqué.  It always gets people’s attention when it is.”

Reporter: “What is the difference between “snomen” and “snowomen?”  Sciortino: “There’s several answers to that.  It’s just to the individual as to what they’re going to think of.”  Reporter:  “So you’re not going to tell me?”  Sciortino:  “If I did that, that would diminish the effectiveness of the advertisement.”

So we let people passing by give it a try.

Brittany Goad says, “What’s the difference between snomen and snowomen? Snowomen don’t exist?”  Reporter:  “That’s the best you can come up with?”

Marilyn & Roland say, “The difference is a man and a woman.  A man is a man and a woman is a woman.”  Reporter:  “So that’s your way of saying it without saying it?”  Marilyn says, “Right, that’s our way of saying it.”

Some may not have the, ahem, snoballs to say it out loud.

Lenora Hess-White says, “What’s the difference between snomen and snowomen?  Oh I get it!”

And it’s a ball once you’ve figured it out.

Brittany Goad says, “That was easy.  You just got to think about it. Snomen have snoballs.”

Some need to have all their snoballs in a row.

Trey Mauldwin ponders, “Do the men have snoballs?”  Reporter:  “I believe they do.”  Mauldwin:  “I’m assuming.  But the women don’t have them.”  Reporter:  Of course not.”  Mauldwin:  “Alright, that solves that.”

This isn’t the first time SnoWizard has handed out a taste of shock advertising.  Their billboard in the Spring about “blue balls” had people everywhere talking.

Ronnie Sciortino says, “That got all the way to national news.  We didn’t expect it.  We thought it was going to be something people would just talk about here in the city.”

The city is talking once again and they seem to like it.