Deal Seekers Flood Lakeside Mall On Thanksgiving

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The turkey is picked clean and the stores soon might be! WGNO’s Darian Trotter was at Lakeside Mall where large crowds flocked on Thanksgiving.

It’s fair to say these are some highly motivated shoppers.

“I suckered my wife into coming out there to get some deals,” customer Dan Kammer said.

They’re among hundreds who pushed away from the table, left Thanksgiving-seconds behind, to get first dibs on the deals.

“It is weird but I want to do it so I can rest for tomorrow,” customer Riley Reynolds said.

For the first time ever a total of 37 stores at Lakeside Mall opened at 8pm on Thanksgiving Day.

From anchor stores like Macy’s, to smaller retailers like American Eagle and Zale’s.

And from the looks of it there’s enough foot traffic to go around.

“I want to find deals for Christmas gifts, “Reynolds said.

Earlier some eager shoppers claimed a spot in line at Best Buy and at nearby Toys-R-Us the line literally wrapped around the building.

“Oh my god. It’s ridiculous,” shopper Yolanda Liton said.

Jovon Whitfield was first in line at Best Buy.

“It’s become a tradition for us.” “We’ve been doing it for the last 3 or 4 years.”

It seems everyone had the same game plan.

“Early bird gets the worm,” Whitfield said.

“The earlier, the better,” shopper Kim Brennan said.

“I’m here to get a leap pad and a kitchen set for my daughter,” shopper Samantha Walker said.

Trotter asked, “And so now seeing the line are you encouraged, discouraged? I’m a little discouraged a little but we’re going to go in anyway,” Liton replied.

Shoppers aren’t the only ones drawn away from family and friends so too are store employees.

“I feel bad for them,” Walker said. “I remember working retail a couple of years back, and it was miserable working on black Friday, so it’s gotta be pretty bad working on thanksgiving.”

Lakeside Mall is open for black Friday until 9pm.