Avoiding the Animal Emergency Room During the Holiday Season

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Each holiday season when families decorate the tree and the kids unwrap their presents, Southeast Veterinary Specialists sees its fair share of emergency cases.  When Fido chokes on a turkey bone or Fluffy swallows a ribbon, it may require a specialist to get your furry friend fixed up.  At SVS, Dr. Aimee Kidder doesn’t handle annual shots or preventative care.  She’s an internal medicine specialist.  “We have the ability to do more advanced diagnostics, and we do have additional specialty training beyond vet school.”

Internists focus primarily on the diagnosis and chronic treatment of organs in the abdominal cavity.  This time of year, that’s a hot spot for pets like little Oddie.  Something’s been bugging the poor pup and a look inside his belly reveals the culprit.  Oddie made a midnight snack out of a children’s foam dart.  Dr. Kidder and her assistants remove it piece by piece and thanks to her specialized care, Oddie is on the mend.

In this season of turkey and tinsel, the ASPCA offers some tips to help keep the Grinch at bay and help avoid the veterinary specialist:

  • Keep your pooch’s pooch in check. No table scraps, bones or dark chocolate.
  • Kitties love sparkle, but you’ll want to avoid the tempting tinsel.
  • And spreading joy with toys?  Make sure they’re indestructible.

Oddie will tell you himself, these timely tips will help keep your holidays merry and bright!