Tips For Your Live Christmas Tree

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Tuesday afternoon, Jason Granger took his two sons and his girlfriend to the Big Fat Christmas Tree Company on Veterans Boulevard at Transcontinental.

His sons were quick to pick a tree then another then another.

If you’ll be in the market for a live Christmas tree this year, one of the owners of the lot, Danny McMynn, has some suggestions.

First, waiting until Christmas gets closer will not keep your tree alive any longer.  In fact, MyMynn says the sooner you get a tree home, the better.

“All trees are cut at the same time for the most part.  And they’re a lot better in your house in climate controlled temperature,” he said.

If your tree has been bundled up in plastic netting, you may want to let it open up for several hours before decorating to get a better idea of how the tree’s branches will settle.

Make sure you get a fresh-cut along the bottom of your tree.

But here’s a bit of a shocker from McMynn.  He says, yes, you can you preservatives to help keep the needles on your tree.  He says other people swear that aspirin or 7 Up will help.  Then he drops the bomb.

“I never put water in my tree, and my trees always last me.”

You’ll also want to decide which kind of tree you want.  Two of the more popular kinds are blue spruce and frasier fir.

Blue spruce trees have firmer branches and needles.  They can hold heavier ornaments but can have a prickly feel.

Frasier firs are softer but are better suited for lighter weight decorations like ribbons.

Granger and his family are picking a live tree for the first time in years.  Previously, they decorated a fake tree.

“I made sure not to get the one with the needles that hurt you when you decorate it,” he said of his choice.

Also, McMynn says tree lots usually have more customers when temperatures are colder.  And if you want to have your tree delivered, just ask;  many lots will bring your tree to your home for you.