Winter Weather Threatens Thanksgiving Travel

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DELTA While we get ready for cold temperatures this Thanksgiving people who are heading out of town could see a lot worse.

WGNO’s Darian Trotter talks trains, planes, and automobiles.

Wintry weather is wreaking havoc on holiday travel plans just before Thanksgiving. In the air and down below.

“Just take it easy.” “Take your patience with you and go,” driver Kelly Jones said.

In New Orleans air travelers at Armstrong-International haven’t had the worst of it.

Only a few delays: One in Dallas, another in Jackson.

A stark contrast from the nearly 200 flights out of Dallas-Fort worth cancelled Monday.

“I could imagine getting stuck in an airport would really suck, so my heart goes out to them,” passenger Lorrie Dacuma said.

Crews at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport spent a good part of the day Sunday deicing lanes and runways.

Airlines flying in and out of the airport ‘pre-canceled’ nearly 300 flights to reduce the number of stranded travelers in anticipation of harsh weather sweeping the country.

Kelly Jones plans to play it safe when she hits the road Tuesday.

“Just to watch the guy in from of me and up ahead.”

Sleet and freezing rain is expected with snow mixed in from Texas to Georgia and over the Carolinas Monday night.

By Tuesday heavy rain will reach the mid-Atlantic states and parts of the northeast.

It all spells travel nightmares.

“Oh, my god, just be safe,” passenger Lydia North said.

Already a train headed from New Orleans to New York has derailed in South Carolina.

Amtrak officials say 7 cars came off the tracks in Spartanburg just after midnight Monday.

Several passengers were taken to the hospital.

Lydia North traveled from Florida to New Orleans.

“I’m sorry to hear they had a derailment,” North said. “I’m glad we wasn’t on that. I’m glad I took them greyhound.”

The storm is expected to blanket the northeast with a layer of snow on Thanksgiving.

Much of the country will be calm, but colder than usual.