Help the LA SPCA: spay or neuter your pets

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There is a group of people in New Orleans that deserve our respect, actually they demand it. I’m talking about the incredible people that make up the Louisiana SPCA.

Most of the workers aren’t even paid employees at the metro area’s premier shelter, and those that are make very small salaries. They’re not there for the money. They are there for their love of animals and the fact that the metro area’s citizens don’t do a very good job of being responsible pet owners.

In bigger cities than New Orleans, “no kill” shelters are the norm.  The LA SPCA would like nothing more to have that label apply to them.  They try every day, every week, to not have to put down a single animal, but they still do and it’s for two simple reasons: the shelter is underfunded by the city and us and also because we don’t enforce the spay and neuter laws already on the books.

If you have a cat or dog in Orleans parish it must be spayed or neutered.  If you’d like to breed your dog, the law requires you purchase a very inexpensive breeders license. In other cities the population embraces this, with nearly everyone spaying or neutering their dogs and cats. This greatly reduces the wild animal population and makes having a “no kill” shelter a lot easier proposition to achieve.

It’s pretty simple, if you are a cat or dog owner, spay or neuter your animals. It’s the responsible thing to do as a pet owner and the responsible thing to do as a citizen of New Orleans.