Bone chilling evidence ghosts exist in a New Orleans home?

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Who you gonna call when you hear a creak or scary noise? If you’re in New Orleans, maybe the answer is The Paranormal Society of New Orleans.

The group claims that they can get rid of ghosts.  WGNO’s Alyson Titkemeyer went with them to a private residence where the group had been working for over a month.

The residents in this Uptown home (they don’t really want their address to get out) say they’ve felt weird about the place ever since they walked in.  One of the roommates at the home was scratched, while another claims she saw a dark figure moving behind her.

Chris Melancon, the founder of The Paranormal Society of New Orleans, says he’s definitely been scared going into these situations but he feels like he’s helping people.

Chris showed me some of the equipment the group carries with them: an EMF Meter, EVP Reader, and a thermometer. One device they used was particularly impressive: a REM POD reads electromagnetic activity in the area and lights up accordingly.

After “ghost hunting” with them for about 30 minutes, the REM POD finally went off. It was just after all of us were about to leave one room, so the skeptic in me thought, “Well, maybe we stirred up some electromagnetic energy while on our way out?”

Something I had never heard of before was the “Spirit Box,” which skeptics will love! The device flips through radio waves and allows the spirit to speak through the static. On the FM wavelengths I could actually make out the notes from famous pop songs being played over the radio, on the AM we got much more noise and sentences.

The struggle for the ghost hunters is to determine whether they are just hearing regular radio static or what they believe to be ghost voices.

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