Looking for a new workout? Try “Joggling”!

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As if walking and chewing gum wasn’t hard enough, try juggling while you jog.

Maybe you’ve seen John Rebstock, huffin’ and puffin’ up and down Veterans Blvd. with two sticks, jogging and juggling, “Just did it and then we adopted the name of joggling. I was 230 lbs. 48 inch waist. And I had a reason to get off the couch and go do something about it.”

The Veterans Memorial is the half-way point on Rebstock’s joggle, where he draws motivation and inspiration from the memory of his parents, both Marines, “Dad was right on the bottom of the hill at Iwo Jima when the flag was raised. Oh yeah, he saw it happen.  You know when he was on Iwo Jima I think of what he must have thought about. He never knew if he was going to live through the day. It’s where I get a lot of my motivation. Good ol’ pop.”

“It started because I heard I can change my neural pathways of thought,” says Rebstock who says he’s always deep in thought when joggling, “Yeah, I got the stereo full blast. Sometimes I couldn’t tell you what I’m thinking. This is rest to me. It really is.”

“I do it for physical fitness. I really don’t think about the sticks while I’m running.”

Sometimes joggling gets dangerous, “I’ve cut myself several times. I’ve hit myself in the head. Hit poles on the way down and signs.”

Rules are, if you drop a stick, you have to do ten push-ups, “Keeps you focused,” says Rebstock. “You drop a stick you got to pay for it. Once in a while I can throw them both up and catch them both at the same time. Make sure both sides of my brain are operating.”

Rebstock’s goal for 2014 is to joggle every day, “From the parish line to Severn and back. Its 4.4 miles. Yup, I get the thumbs up. The honks.”

Rebstock says anyone who wants to learn more about joggling can contact him through phone or email.

Email- jrebstock@yahoo.com

Phone-  504-208-8449.