Kart Racing Championships in NOLA

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One of the largest Kart races in the world is taking place in our own backyard.  The 2013 Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals are being held at NOLA Motorsports Park in Avondale.  News With A Trist reporter Deepak Saini takes us to the fast lane where drivers from all over the world have their eye on the prize.

Let the races begin.  Nearly 300 of the best Kart drivers in the world, from 60 countries, are competing in the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals.

Reporter: “Is Team USA giving everyone else a run for their money?”  Karting Director Garett Potter says, “I’m telling ya, it’s looking good!”

If you ask the Brits, the Yanks seem to have the home field advantage.

Team Great Britain mechanic Peter Sexton says, “They seem fast.  They know the track so they seem to be at the front of most of the races so perhaps they’re trying to prove a point.”

The Americans are pointing out another thing about these guys from across the pond.

Team Great Britain driver Josh Price says, “Everybody’s been saying how good our accents are.  Everyone loves them but we like American accents as well.”

Team France is ready to Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler.

Team France driver Christoph Adams says, “Very nice.  Bourbon Street.  Very good.”

It’s been a cold few days on the track, perhaps giving Team Russia and upper hand.

Mavnalov says, “Normally in Russia it’s very cold.  I think it’s normal.”

Every driver has worked hard to get here.  To qualify, they had to win a national or regional championship in their own country.

Karting Director Garett Potter says, “The grand finals itself is basically the Olympics of karting.  It’s the best in the world.  What you’re seeing now is a stepping stone for a lot of these kids.”

And something that’s never been done before, a chance for kids to compete.

Team USA driver Jesse Mitchell says, “I’m just so excited to get picked for this.  I just want to race.”

The Mico-Mini Invitational is a once a lifetime opportunity for 72 kids who were handpicked.

Team USA driver Jeremy  Crowell says, “It feels great.  I can’t even find anything better to do than this.”

Kids shout, “Team USA!”

The racing finals are Saturday at Noon.  Tickets are $30 to watch.