How do we know Obamacare will work if we can’t even sign up?

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Obamacare: providing health care for all Americans. Sounds like a noble idea. We are the greatest country on earth. Having all citizens insured sounds like the right thing to do. We are the world’s most civilized country, unless it involves politics of late.

Obamacare is one hot potato for both parties.  Democrats embrace it, not because it’s good or it works, but strictly because one of their own came up with it. Republicans, on the other hand, are very much opposed to the new law. Not because it’s bad or definitely doesn’t work, but strictly because one of their own didn’t come up with it.

So who’s right? It’s hard to tell when the extreme side of both parties have an agenda. Hardcore democrats think Obama can walk on water while hardcore republicans think he’s the devil.

One thing both sides have to acknowledge: like or hate Obamacare, one has to be concerned about the problems with registering for Obamacare online. The setbacks are well-documented. Even the President said “we fumbled the rollout.”

If the vehicle to launch Obamacare is broken, how can we assume the law itself isn’t flawed? If this president can’t launch a website – you know, the easy stuff – it makes you wonder if the substance of the law is equally as flawed. We’ll find out soon enough. That is, if the website will let us sign up.