Carnival Krewes Will Not Parade In 2014

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The Krewe of Thor and Guardians of Atlantis will park their floats in 2014.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter reports, the decision centers around dwindling memberships, and the loss of riders to Orleans Parish.

“For any resident in Louisiana, Carnival is an absolute thing that you look forward to all year long,” resident Christy Dupre said.

But two Carnival Krewes have announced they will not parade in Jefferson Parish during the upcoming 2014 Carnival season.

mardi-gras_500The Krewe of Thor is planning a one year sabbatical.

“We are going to sit out this year, restructure our organization to an all-male Krewe and have all new floats,” Krewe Captain McKinley Cantrell said.

Cantrell explains the Krewe will move away from corporate sponsored floats, and focus more on increasing individual membership to improve stability.

Meantime, the newly-formed Guardians of Atlantis would have had its first parade in 2014, but the organization struggled to meet the minimum membership requirements.

In years past Jefferson Parish enjoyed as many as 19-parades during Carnival, but the numbers have dwindled.

“You know a lot of people want to parade in New Orleans,” resident Steven Guidry said. “New Orleans has St. Charles Avenue, atmosphere, plenty of tourists.”

“They already have a large number of Krewes which is getting to the point where it’s too many parades.” “On some nights it’s up to three which makes it too late in the evening,” Guidry said.

“That’s really really unfortunate because the Metairie parades, too being family oriented are the best,” Dupre said. “I mean if you have children  Orleans Parish is not the place to be.”

The Krewe of Thor plans to return with 20-traditional Mardi Gras floats; well above the eight they would have had for the upcoming season.

“I like the fact of them coming back bigger and better in 2015, but what are they going to say to their followers in 2014, when they’re not there,” Dupre said.

The Krewe of Thor has been a fixture in Jefferson Parish for 40-years. The Krewe vows to return.

Likewise, Atlantis plans to reapply for the 2015 season.