CCC Lane Shutdowns Begin

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As if traffic isn’t bad enough already on the Crescent City Connection, commuters were greeted with two lane closures at sunup Tuesday morning on the West Bank approach to the bridge.  It’s all part of DOTD’s plan to get commuters accustomed to a whole new traffic flow across the river.  The toll booths that once spread across twelve lanes are long gone, and soon seven of those twelve lanes will be gone as well.

“It’s a bottleneck,” said Algiers commuter Tammy Crumpton.  “You have twelve little lanes where the toll booths used to be, then they cram into four lanes on the bridge.  It’s a nightmare.”

So before sunrise Tuesday morning, DOTD closed down what used to be lane 1 on the far left side of the bridge approach and what used to be lane 9  in the middle.  They hope the closings will help commuters start changing their daily driving habits.  Eventually, the twelve lanes that now squish down to four on the bridge will be replaced by a five-lane configuration, two lanes coming off General Degaulle Drive and three lanes from the West Bank Expressway.  DOTD has not yet announced a timetable for the conversion, but you can expect to see more lanes closing down in the future as the old toll plaza fades into memory.