World War II Museum honor veterans with new exhibit

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In honor of Veterans Day veterans the World War II Museum gave visitors a chance to experience travel from days gone by with its newest exhibit…  “The Train Car Experience.”

“Most Americans when they went off the war in The 1940s, had been off their city blocks or their farms and so their first real experience of facing the un-expected was on a train car,” Keith Huxen, World War II Museum Senior Director of Research and History said.

Surviving World War II veterans recalled their experience first-hand. This one of a kind perspective brought members of each generation with the greatest generation.

“Most of them act very humble… like what they went through wasn’t as traumatic as I might believe it was,” explained Junior Cadet Major Chappel.

“I was way down in the bottom of the bottom of the ship and all I could think about was a torpedo hitting me,” Russell Mayeur, U.S. Army (Retired) joked.

“A hundred seventy four thousand soldiers that day in Normandy,” Thomas Blakey, a D-Day Veteran explained.  “It was our day, we had to do it, and we did.”