School Bus Crash In Gentilly Sends Kids To Hospital

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Terrifying moments for some high school students Monday morning when their school bus collided with a van in Gentilly.  Witnesses tell WGNO they saw six people taken to the hospital–three students from the bus and three occupants of the van.

Nikell Newell’s daughter was aboard the bus.  She panicked when she got the call.  “Just getting them off to school when I heard.  This is crazy!” she said as she comforted her injured daughter.

The bus was rolling down Franklin Avenue toward the river.  As it passed through the Gentilly Boulevard intersection, a jolting crash sent students flying through the air, some of them slamming up against windows.

“They got caught off guard from the other driver,” added Newell.  “The kids collapsed on top of one another.  My daughter’s head got injured and her leg is hurt.”

The front of the van was badly smashed in.  The side of the bus was crumpled and its drive shaft cleanly broken in two.  The students were headed to Algiers Technology Academy on the West Bank.  Only six were aboard the bus at the time of the crash.  If there had been more, the number of injured would probably have been much higher.

NOPD is investigating.

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