North Shore Prepares For Freeze

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“It was very important that we get this stuff rolled out and bagged down today,” says strawberry farmer William Fletcher.

Fletcher with Fletcher Farms in Ponchatoula is not taking any chances. A cold front is heading his way. On the north shore temperatures overnight tomorrow are expected to flirt with freezing.

It’s not something Fletcher anticipated, but with thousands of strawberry plants at stake he is taking action.

“It caught me when I wasn’t looking. I actually looked at the forecast yesterday morning just out of habit and was amazed to see low 30’s in the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday night,” says Fletcher, “So what we are trying to do is stretch out these protective covers over our earliest plants to protect the blooms that will become the berries that we pick around the holiday season.”

Roughly 30 strawberry farmers in and around Ponchatoula are in the same boat.

Fletcher says customers have come to expect strawberries over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year.  Tomorrow’s freeze could jeopardize that.