Chris Christie is a major problem for the Republican party

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The Republicans have a dilemma.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie just won re-election by a huge margin, garnering over 70% of the vote.  You would think this would be great news for the Republican Party – one of their own, winning re-election by a large margin – but Chris Christie isn’t one of their own.

Christie is a problem.  You see, he isn’t right enough. Christie is a moderate Republican who, dare I say it, won’t always vote along party lines. For hard line republicans, it’s the “John McCain scenario” all over again.

The folks that run the Republican Party, and those that want to run it, namely the tea party, don’t like “moderates” within the party.  You have to be hard core right or get out! Problem with that is, you can’t win elections, especially national ones, with that extreme ideology.

Chris Christie brings something to the Republican Party that they haven’t had in years: someone that can deliver them the White House.  Christie can and will deliver a large percentage of women, Latino, and gay votes, or exactly what the Republican Party needs to win a big election.

Many right-leaning democrats and independents will vote for Christie, but that’s only if the main stream Republican Party embraces him.  That doesn’t seem likely to happen. You’ve got the winning ticket possibly and you don’t want to cash it in.

The Republican Party, thanks to Chris Christie’s landslide win, has a major dilemma on their hands.