Crazy Johnnie’s Steakhouse is Closing… Someday

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Ever since a popular steak house in Fat City announced they’re closing, crowds are packing in for one final meal.

After 28 years serving legendary steaks at a nominal price,  Crazy Johnnie’s is going out of business.

Following  a period of slumping sales, owner Johnnie Schram says she’s ready to retire, “I just love all of ya’ll and it’s killing me. It is killing me. It was a good run and now it’s time to say ciao.”

The steakhouse was so popular on Wednesday, they ran out of food.

“Don’t worry,” promises management. “More fresh steaks and great food will be here tomorrow.”

Crazy Johnnie’s Barry Sevin says the bar and restaurant will remain open just long enough for loyal customers to come enjoy one last Crazy Johnnie’s steak experience, “It’s been a gradual decline in business over time. Our philosophy was always based on volume and we’re just not doing the volume we used to do.”

Sevin’s best estimation is they’ll continue to serve their famous steak and seafood long as they can.

Once Crazy Johnnie’s shuts their doors for good,  he says there’s no chance of Crazy Johnnies ever re-opening.