Vitter is right: EBT abusers should pay the price

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Senator David Vitter is right. He wants to see the perpetrators prosecuted in the north Louisiana EBT fraud case. Vitter wants to see those that stole from the Walmart lose their EBT card privileges and be arrested.  And how can anyone disagree with that?

It’s gotta stink being poor.  It’s got to be really tough.  Most of us can’t even relate to this dilemma.  But being poor doesn’t exclude one from following the laws of the land.

Many are at fault. First, the Walmart. They knew these cards had limits and approved larger purchases anyway.  Vitter says the merchants should not be compensated for any sales over the limit and he’s right.

Vitter also says those that stole should have their EBT privileges revoked.  How can anyone argue with that?!?

And finally Vitter says those that stole should be prosecuted. And again, how can one argue with that?

Just because these people are poor doesn’t mean it’s ok to steal.  Just because a glitch in the system allowed much larger purchases than normal doesn’t get these folks off the hook.

Vitter is right.  Right about the Walmart not getting reimbursed for the fraudulent purchases.  He’s also right about the abusers losing their EBT privileges indefinitely. And finally, he’s right about prosecuting those that stole.

It’s definitely no fun being poor but that’s no excuse to steal and that’s exactly what happened in those north Louisiana Walmart stores.  Senator David Vitter is right to want justice. And how can anyone argue with that?