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It’s Been a Bizarre High School Football Season…

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It has been a bizarre high school football season.

In the Mandeville vs St. Paul’s game, two game officials were arrested, and then later cleared of all charges.

Now, Louisiana High School Athletic Association Commisioner Kenny Henderson says he didn’t have to do an investigation: Destrehan High School admitted to five coaches spying on the internet, watching South Lafourche’s practices on a password-protected site.

Complaining by coaches seems to be at an all time high; and trust me, so does complaining by parents to sports reporters.

This december, we will crown nine football champions at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. In the quest to hoist one of those trophies on the ‘Dome carpet, sportsmanship seems to have taken a hit. Relationships between neighboring schools are fracturing on public and private lines.

I don’t want to sound like Dr. Phil or Joel Osteen, but I have a question: can’t we do better?