Trick or Treat! Dress up as a free citizen tonight!

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Today is Halloween, the day we are supposed to dress up as our alter egos and then watch the children, on the world’s greatest sugar high, bounce from door to door begging for treats.Oh, but don’t think today is devoid of tricks because we are American adults and therefore live under the American government which provides the greatest unbroken streak of tricks on record.

For example, over 2 million people recently learned that their individual acts of responsibility have been rewarded with disapprobation in the form of letters from their former health insurance providers. Recall that back in 2009 when ObamaCare was proposed we were told that it had to pass because there were millions of uninsured, well trick or treat! Now there are 2 million to add to that number.

But wait, our tour of government’s tricks are just getting started. Imagine if you were an elected leader of a 1,000 year old European country, say Spain or Germany. Imagine you were carrying around a “secure” cellphone to take important calls from leaders of other countries. Well trick or treat, it turns out your phone was NOT secure and our friends at the NSA were listening to all those juicy conversations about Mrs. Clinton’s preference for … hair styles. Of course we all get in on that trick to because the NSA was practicing for the international espionage Big Leagues by listening to us.

And now for the Halloween grand finale, President Obama tells us he didn’t know the phone spying was going on. What a coincidence, our intrepid members of Congress claim not to have known either.

Well costumed citizen, trick or treat, if no one knew this was going on

then who is giving the NSA its orders? Here’s a hint: it’s probably the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave that you can find disguised as a President tonight. That trick, is on all of us.

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