Neighborhood Finds Safe Halloween Alternative For Dark Streets

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Halloween Darkness Faulty Street lights are plaguing one neighborhood in New Orleans East.

Earlier this week parents along Crowder Boulevard voiced concerns about patches of darkness leading up to Halloween.

Street lights are out about a half mile on Crowder between Dwyer and Chef Menteur.

Neighbors have already contacted the city; and the Public Works Department is making plans to make repairs.

“It’s been too long I mean when are they going to fix them,” parent Leslie Stewart said.
“They’ll tell us anything, say they’re going to get it done but it don’t get done. That’s just to keep us from bugging then more and more,” concerned parent Sheila Fields said.
Last night parents came up with a safe Halloween alternative for kids trick-or-treating.  They hosted a house party for neighborhood kids.

The Mayor’s office released a statement saying, “The quality of life and safety of our residents is always a top priority and the city is committed to repairing street lights.”

There are currently 2500 outages city-wide. That’s down from 8000 at the start of the year.