Halloween rush is on!

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It’s last-minute rush hour at New Orleans area costume shops. Wigs, makeup and tights are flying off the shelves just in time for Halloween parties Thursday night.

At New Orleans Part & Costume in the Warehouse District shoppers were lining up outside the front door long before it opened Thursday morning.

Halloween used to be mainly for kids, but these days costume makers are earning more money from adults than from children.

The rush was intense Thursday with last-minute shoppers in a panic with questions like, ‘Do you have blue makeup?’ or ‘Where do you keep your fairy ears?’

This is the busiest day of the year for costume shop owners like Rockie Deckert. Every year she says costume fashions keep changing: “Super heroes are the biggest sellers this year, followed by ghosts, which are making quite a comeback, and of course, zombies.”

Another big seller this year: Duck Dynasty outfits, complete with long, scruffy beards.

New Orleans Party & Costume at 705 Camp Street will stay open until 7 p.m., but be prepared for a crowd.