Transsexual Pageant Queen Wanted For Illegal Silicone Injections

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pageant_person_jpg She’s a transgendered pageant queen known across the southern United States.

Now she’s wanted for performing illegal silicone injections.

Police say Armani Nicole Davenport is known to travel the pageant circuit and could be hiding out in the New Orleans area.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has more on the black market procedure that’s putting lives in danger.

She is legendary for electrifying lip-sync performances that have won her multiple crowns on the pageant circuit for transgendered females.

But now the ten dancing toes of Ms. Armani Nicole Davenport are wanted.

The current reigning Miss Gay Texas US of A is a person of interest for practicing medicine without a license; specifically pumping pageant girls with silicone injections.

“I’ve had by breast done, I’ve had my butt done, and I’ve had my hips done,” a New Orleans transsexual, we’ll call Khandi said.

This transgendered female does not want to be identified.

She says silicone injections are preferred over cosmetic procedures performed by a board certified plastic surgeons because they’re cheaper, the results are immediate, and because the patient is awake during the often painful procedure they can instruct the black market surgeon during what’s called pumping parties.

“It can be done in hotels, living rooms, on the floor of an apartment, anywhere,” Khandi said.

Sometimes the procedure requires multiple touch-ups.

“It kinda goes into your body and your body absorbs it and once,” Khandi said. “It’s kinda like blowing up a balloon you can only blow a balloon up so much before it pops.”

But there are huge risks because liquid silicone travels.

“You might get it in a specific place but you can’t control in your body where it may land,” Khandi explained. “I’ve seen instances where someone has gone to get a hip done and the silicone has traveled as far down as the ankle.”

And there are other risks.

Some patients experience complications like paralysis that can lead to amputations.

“Not only are they not using regular silicone like they did before they’re cutting it with all different types of other chemicals and diluting it to stretch it to get the biggest bang for their buck,” Khandi said.

As police search for Armani Nicole Davenport T-girl Khandi offers sound advice.

“Think about what you’re doing, make sure it’s something you really want to do and don’t put vanity over living,” Khandi said.

Davenport is accused of the negligent injuring of another person while practicing medicine without a license.

Anyone with information into the entertainer’s whereabouts is asked to call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111

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    she is not the reigning Miss Gay Texas USofA and has never been a Miss Gay Texas USofA. Just wanted to make sure that pageant is not misrepresented

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