Stop the ridiculous talk about moving train tracks out of Metairie

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I had to laugh the other day when I heard the news. There is talk once again about moving the train tracks out of old Metairie and off Metairie Road. I’m 47 years old and since I was a kid there have been discussions to move the train tracks off of Metairie Road.

Besides the typical New Orleans racial angle that will always be heard (“You’re taking the train out of white, affluent, old Metairie and moving it to black, poor, Hollygrove!”) the way to pay for the change was equally as pathetic. The estimated $700 million project would be paid for in yearly increments of $50 million each, and the project’s start date wouldn’t be for another 5 years! That means the best case scenario for moving the train tracks would be sometime around 2035.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be nearly 70 by then, God willing.  And many folks in old Metairie won’t even be around.

So what there’re telling us is, in maybe 2 decades from now, we might have those train tracks finally moved. And they might have flying cars by then, too.

Jefferson Parish, very much like Orleans Parish, has a schedule to do things that is unlike anyone else’s schedule. Not a 2-3 year plan but a 20-30 year plan. Ridiculous.

Well, at least we all got a laugh out of it.