Saints Back up TE Benjamin Watson Is Prepared to Pickup the Slack if Jimmy Graham Doesn’t Play

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If Saints tight end Jimmy Graham can’t go Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, who will pick up the slack?

Backup tight end Benjamin Watson says, he’s ready to go.

Saints coach Sean  Payton may be keeping mum about the status of all pro tight end Graham, as strategy?

“It’s probable,” says Watson Friday night at Cold Stone in Elmwood , “Whatever Payton said it is. I think it’s probable. It’s probable.”

Two days before the big game Watson is at the creamery in Elmwood, helping raise money for his foundation One More , “Whenever you buy my creation, and yes I did create it, Saints S’mores. Cold Stone is kind enough to donate one dollar to our foundation One More. Any money that’s raised here is going to stay directly here in the New Orleans community.”

But Benjamin, give us the inside scoop. Will the Saints most potent offensive weapon be on the field Sunday against buffalo? “You know I can’t give you that information but obviously Jimmy is working every day to get better and I hope that he is able to play.”

The inside scoop is that no matter what grahams status is on Sunday, Watson is prepared, “That’s your job. When you’re on that 53 man roster and your name is called, whether it’s during a game or before, that you are ready to play.”

Watson says for now the focus is on helping, “And we do that by helping people with real needs. Whether it be food or clothing or shelter. By promoting education in various ways.”

For Sunday he says the focus in on winning, “We are excited to see the Who Dat Nation on Sunday in the dome being loud, as they always are.”