Nagin trial delay is a victory the former mayor should savor

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It was a good day yesterday for ex-mayor Ray Nagin. A federal judge postponed Nagin’s trial for the 3rd time, pushing the start date back ‘til January 27.

Does the move change any of the facts in the case?  I don’t think so, but it does give the ex-mayor a little breathing room for the next 3 months.

Essentially, the ex-mayor gets some time.  The time definitely doesn’t help the Feds.  They have their case ready to go.  Seven witnesses and boxes of evidence.  The only thing time can do for the Feds is have something happen that helps Nagin.

The ex-mayor’s attorney, the very capable Robert Jenkins, will almost certainly file several motions over the next few weeks either looking to delay the trial indefinitely or even ask for a dismissal altogether.  And all the Feds can do is wait.

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up next month and the Christmas and New Year holiday the following one, the 3 months will go by quickly.  Just maybe not quickly enough for those seeking justice.

Yesterday was a small break, a slight victory for the ex-mayor.  He should savor it.