Oil Platform Workers React To Pirate Attack

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As U.S. Military forces work to rescue crew members abducted from a ship in the African Gulf of Guinea during a pirate attack, some Louisiana offshore workers are holding out hope for their safe return.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter spoke to residents in Cut Off;  where the company that owns the ship is located.

“I’m hoping some kind of action will be taken immediately,” off shore worker Jason Foley said.

There’s deep concern in Cut Off for U.S. Citizens abducted from their ship in a pirate attack in the West African Gulf of Guinea.

Trotter asked, “What do you think that must have been like for them? Probably pretty traumatic, obviously yeah,” Foley replied.

It happened Wednesday, on-board an oil platform supply vessel C-Retriever off the coast of Brass, Nigeria.

Authorities say the captain, chief engineer, and two crew members were taken off the ship.

ChouestThe C-Retriever is owned by Edison Chouest Offshore, which is based in Cut Off, Louisiana; a community with generations of oil platform workers.

Trotter asked, “You say what? It’s really crazy because I have an uncle who’s a captain for Chouest,” neighbor Julia Jambon said.

It’s a way of life in Cut Off that comes with real-life concerns.

The International Maritime Bureau reports the oil-rich gulf is a piracy hot-spot, with 40-pirate attacks this year alone.

Trotter asked, “What are people saying? People that go out there pretty much know what they’re dealing with and that’s what everyone’s saying,” Foley replied. “You know what to expect when you go over there.”

U.S. Maritime and military forces are in the region.

Meantime, back in Cut Off there are well wishes for the captives.

Trotter asked, “What is your hope for them as they go through this very trying time?” “That they find them safe,” Jambon replied.

Trotter asked Foley, “No one knows where they are, their condition?” “I’m hoping for the government to take action immediately,” he replied.

The conditions and whereabouts of the hostages are still unknown.

Late Thursday night, Edison Chouest Offshore had made no comment about the incident.