Is New Orleans Haunted by Ghosts?

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Apparitions, werewolves, vampires… oh my! You’ve probably heard the tales, but are the ghost stories of New Orleans fact or fiction?

According to Haunted History Tours owner, Sidney Smith, that depends on who you are.

“Some people, I think, are simply more sensitive to paranormal activity than other people are, some people hear it, feel it, see it, experience it on a regular basis, other people never feel anything,” says Smith who considers himself an open-minded skeptic. His knowledge of New Orleans folklore is enough to captivate anyone brave enough to listen.

Whether you are a firm believer or don’t believe in ghosts at all, the well-documented atrocities of the LaLaurie Mansion will chill you to the bone. It is considered the most haunted house in New Orleans. Sidney Smith calls it the “crown jewel” of every ghost tour in the French Quarter. It is at this spot where hundreds of people over a twenty year span have fainted while taking the tour.

“Violent death and strong emotion are often what contribute to hauntings or paranormal activity and we have had no shortage of violent death and strong emotion in this city. It is said rest in peace but what if you can’t,” says Smith.

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