Disgraced Former Coroner Could Change Plea, Face Even More Charges

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The former St. Tammany Parish Coroner may be in bigger trouble following a report by the state Legislative Auditor.

The legislative audit made public on Monday details Dr. Peter Galvan’s alleged fraudulent financial records.

Galvan resigned as Parish Coroner Friday after being charged in a bill of information with conspiring to steal money from the coroner’s office.

“I want every politician in St. Tammany Parish to take a deep look at what`s happening,” says Rick Franzo with Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany.”

Franzo, who led the Dr. Peter Galvan re-call petition says the audit  should serve notice, the days of elected officials in St. Tammany Parish  taking advantage of taxpayer`s money are over, “The citizens in St. Tammany,  I think we have a lot to be proud of what we did accomplish.”

The audit reveals documents Galvan was paid $30,000 of vacation time never recorded.

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St. Tammany Parish Coroner audit – Highlights
St. Tammany Parish Coroner audit – complete report

Boating equipment, airplane accessories and fuel cost were paid for with public money plus hundreds of dollars for wine and other alcohol.

“The state Attorney General needs to start looking at things and possibly prosecute,” says Franzo.

By law, the state Legislative Auditor has already submitted the 113 page public document to both the Governor and the state Attorney General.

Terry King, who along with his wife Dr. Laura King first alerted authorities to Galvan’s alleged wrong doings, say the Attorney General has an obligation to respond. “If the Louisiana State Attorney General does not perform an investigation and file charges from this information, I don`t see how they can control state employees or parish employees in the future. Where the audit  says he violated the constitution and state law, that`s the Legislative Auditors way of telling the  Attorney General, this need to be looked at.”

Galvan will be in court Wednesday where King’s sources say Galvan will change his plea to guilty.

If that happens, a date will be set for sentencing.

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