Detained US Airways Flight Fuels Marriage Proposal

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“They told us we couldn’t get on the plane that there were mechanical problems,” says passenger Scott Pearson.

“There was a lot of police, regular police not just TSA police, and they were standing around the gate and they didn’t tell us anything,” says passenger Valerie Harvey.

“It made you wonder what was going on, but they were just trying to reassure us that they were just through the last vestiges of the check and we’d be ready soon,” says passenger Michael Rist.

Passengers aboard US Airways flight 2045 from Charlotte, North Carolina to New Orleans had no idea what was wrong.

“Actually they wouldn’t even allow us on the plane. They brought a new plane in from the hanger, inspected it and then let us on the plane,” says Pearson.

This afternoon flight 2045 that originated in Buffalo, New York was detained in Charlotte before a new plane was brought out and passengers continued to their final destination: New Orleans.

US Airways representatives say: “US Airways flight 2045 from Buffalo, NY to Charlotte landed safely at approximately 1:40 p.m. after the crew reported a security concern.”

The flight taxied to a remote area away from the terminal where it was met by law enforcement personnel, who are investigating the incident. The aircraft was checked, cleared and returned to the terminal with all passengers. We are working to re-accommodate our customers who missed their connecting flights on the next available flight.

There were 124 passengers and five crew members on board the Airbus A319 aircraft.”

Representatives confirm passengers were evacuated as FBI agents investigated a suspicious note. Still tonight they have not said what the note was about.

“The plane was on the runway and there was a bunch of lights, but we didn’t know what was going on,” says passenger Christine Frost.

proposal2It’s a day Frost will always remember, not because of her delayed departure, but because of her arrival in New Orleans. Aaron Glaze was waiting inside the airport and got down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage.

“I was kind of hoping that you guys would be gone by now. It would make my job a little bit easier, but it’s a unique experience. It’s going to be memorable,” says Glaze.