Congress Takes An Oath To Steal From Our Grandkids

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Most school kids these days are taught to “pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America”. This loyalty oath is the brainchild of 19th century socialist Francis Bellamy [1] and is designed to rob those who recite it of any sense of what a “republic” is and why you should be devoted to it. When someone accepts the planet’s easiest job, that is, becomes a member of Congress, they take an allegiance oath to protect and defend the Constitution too and just like the elusive republic cited above, they have little clue what The Constitution is and more importantly why it needs defending.

Witness Louisiana Congressman Charles Boustany [2], who seems to think a Congressman’s oath is taken to protect and defend his political party. As the latest epoch in faked, fiduciary concern came to a close yesterday, Boustany wasted no time in throwing the Constitution oath keepers in his caucus under the Leviathan’s bus, saying. “Their allegiance is not to the members in the conference. Their allegiance is not to the leadership team and to conservative values” [3]. Gee, I must have missed the part of a Congressman’s oath that includes “members, leadership team” and “conservative values”.  In fact, I must have missed the part where Boustany displayed any “conservatism” at all. Perhaps that’s because the 19th century version of “conservatism” I practice [4], has nothing to do with Parties but it has everything to do with revering the good things of the past, like say… balanced budgets & sessions of Congress that ended in the same season they began.

Boustany, the “moderates” of his Party and most Democrats seem to think there’s nothing morally wrong with authorizing a trivial expense today, like wages for an employee at the unconstitutional Department of Energy, while simultaneously scheduling the bill for this expense to arrive at 18 year old Jane & John Smith’s house in 2033. Sadly, scoundrels like Boustany will probably still be “in office” when that bill arrives, instead of in jail.