A life wish chalkboard wall: What do you want to do before YOU die?

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What is it you want to do before you die?

It’s a provocative question, and an interactive art installation in downtown New Orleans’ art district.

There’s a giant chalkboard wall painted on the side of the Ogden Museum.    On the wall, people can write what they want to do before they die.  Artist, Candy Chang asks the thought-provoking question:  Before I die I want to…?

Chang’s first ‘Before I die’ wall went up in New Orleans back in 2011.  She put it up on an abandoned home.  It was a way to do something positive with a blighted property.  Since then, ‘Before I die’ walls have been put up all around the world including Argentina and Australia.

This wall is meant to be a surprise for people who come upon it.  It’s also a conversation-starter.  It’s easy, just pick up a piece of chalk and fill in the blank.  One person writes they want to go to Wimbledon.  Many want to travel the world.  Someone writes they want to kiss Keith Richards.  Another wants to fall in love, before they die.   Someone else wants to cure autism.  Another person wrote they want to write a novel.  Strangely enough, someone wrote that they want to rule the cats.  Some silly and some profound, but when you think about death, don’t you think it can clarify your life?

The ‘Before I die’ wall will stay up outside the Ogden Museum.  Ogden will be hosting a ‘Before I die’ book launch party for the artist on November 7th.

Chang is based in New Orleans.

For more information on Candy Chang and her work:



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