Get the Skinny on crackers: 6 fabulous cracker finds

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Whole grain crackers can make it easy to snack smart, but many brands that look whole grain actually have more white flour than anything else.  We’re Getting the Skinny with Molly today on six varieties of crackers that are truly good for you, with little or no refined flour at all!


Triscuit Thin Crisps

Whole grain soft white wheat, soybean oil, salt

Per 15-cracker serving:  130 calories, 21 grams carbs, 3 gram fiber, 3 grams protein


Mary’s Gone Crackers (gluten free)

Brown rice, whole quinoa, brown flax seeds, sesame seeds…

Per 13-cracker serving: 140 cals, 21 grams carbs, 3 grams fiber, 3 grams protein


Ak-Mak Sesame Cracker

Organic whole wheat flour, honey, sesame oil, butter, sesame seeds

Per 5-cracker serving: 110 cals, 20 grams carbs, 4 grams fiber, 5 grams protein


Van’s Crispy Whole Grain Baked Crackers (gluten free)

Oats, brown rice flour, millet, quinoa, amaranth, sunflower/safflower oil, potato starch, brown sugar, rice flour, sesame seeds…

Per 30-cracker serving: 140 cals, 21 grams carbs, 2 grams fiber, 3 grams protein


Blue Diamond Artisan Nut-Thins (gluten free)

Brown rice flour, almonds, potato starch, bumped brown rice, sesame seeds, millet, flax seeds, quinoa seeds…

Per 13-cracker serving : 130 calories, 22 grams carbs, 2 grams fiber, 3 grams protein


Ryvita Pumpkin Seeds & Oats

Whole grain rye flour, pumpkin seeds, oats, salt.

Per 2-slice serving: 90 calories, 13 grams carbs, 4 grams fiber, 3 grams protein