Covington Police Told To Stay Away From Referees

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Our Sports Director Ed Daniels says the charges will be dropped against two referees arrested while officiating a high school football game. Still the Greater New Orleans Football Officials Association is calling its own plays.

“When I got in the locker room that’s when my phone was blowing up,” remembers Eddie Allemore, President of GNOFOA.

Allemore was officiating a game at Fontainebleau High on Friday night as two of his men were escorted off the field at St. Paul’s High School in Covington, put in the back of a police cruiser, and arrested.

Allemore says one of the men asked a Covington Police officer to help move people away from the sideline when tensions escalated. He says both James Radcliffe and Christopher Gambino have over 20 years of experience and both are still officiating.

Allemore says until matters are resolved, “All future games at Covington and St. Paul’s we requested St. Tammany deputies as the on field security for our officials.”

This week the decision will not affect St. Paul’s who is playing away at North Shore High in Slidell. It does however affect Covington High School. The Lions will be hosting Fontainebleau on Friday. St. Tammany deputies will provide on field security there.

“There’s a sense of untrust of if something happens on the field who is going to protect us, and we had two officials arrested. That’s still firm in our guys minds,” says Allemand.

“It should be something fun for the kids. They shouldn’t have to see all that,” says Covington High School parent Lajoyce Jacobs.

“We’re out here with our kids showing our kids a good time and showing them what to do right and then the referees and the police are having it, trouble, that’s unbelievable,” says Covington High School grandparent George Roberson.

Both James Radcliffe and Christopher Gambino are facing criminal charges. They’ve booked with public intimidation.