Blue Bell Delivers 600 Ice-Cream Bars to Blue Ribbon School

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If you’ve got the blues,  you can count on Blue Bell to cheer you up.  Tuesday morning, Blue-Bell Ice Cream surprised a Blue Ribbon charter school, Lake Forest Elementary, with ice-cream for everyone!  Twist reporter Deepak Saini shows you the delicious delivery.

Students chant, “Ice cream.  We all scream for ice cream.”

When you’re a Blue Ribbon school, expect Blue Bell to deliver the sweetness.

Lake Forest Charter CEO Mardele Early tells students, “Because you’re such great students, you’re going to have ice-cream.”

Blue Bell handed out more than 600 ice-cream sandwiches to students.

They named their favorite flavors:  Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, etc.

Early says, “We are going to embrace their sugar high and let them enjoy it.  They have earned it.”

A sweet reward for hard work!  Their exceptional performance is why Lake Forest Charter received its Blue Ribbon status.

Blue Bell ice-cream representative Tony Page says, “Blue Bell loves to give back to the community and every time we have a Blue-Ribbon school in our area, we always supply ice-cream.”

After all, who doesn’t like ice-cream?

One student  says, “I don’t actually like ice cream.”

Well, there’s always an exception.

This is how student Aniah describes ice-cream, “It makes me feel so good like I’m gonna explode my mind.”

Ice-cream will do that to you.  It will even make you dance.