Landrieu’s 2014 budget: more police, better streets, less blight

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They may be battling over the federal budget in Washington, but New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu is hoping for smooth sailing for his proposed spending plan for New Orleans in 2014. He presented his budget to City Council Tuesday morning.

Landrieu says his top priority is public safety and he wants council to approve an extra $300,000 this year to add 150 new cops on the streets.

His budget proposal would fund five new recruit classes, compared to two classes this year.

The mayor put out a call for the city’s best and brightest to take part directly: “Join the New Orleans Police Department, your city needs you. One hundred new police cars will hit the streets before the end of this year and this budget funds 100 more cars that will start rolling in 2014.”

The mayor also put priority on eliminating more blighted houses and he’s calling for more street repaving.

City council will now begin debating those budget priorities. They are set to take a final vote November 21, six weeks from now.

They must pass the budget by December 1, and the new budget will take effect January 1.

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