Will Saints Continue Their Winning Ways?

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Can the Black and Gold make it an even half-dozen wins Sunday?  Las Vegas oddsmakers say “no,” picking the New England Patriots over the Saints by two and a half points.  The game will be played in New England, so the Patriots should enjoy a slight home field advantage, so goes the conventional thinking.  In fact, when Tom Brady and the Patriots play at home, the win 85% of the time.

But look at the last time these two teams met, in 2009.  That was the year the Saints were headed to their first Super Bowl win, and they positively manhandled the Pats 38-17.  However, naysayers are quick to point out that happened in the firnedly confines of the Superdome, and advantage the Saints won’t possess this time.

Said Saints fan Jim Carson of Metairie, “They’re not predicting any snow.  The conditions are more conducive to the Saints running the ball and passing like they normally do.”

Speaking of passing, the Pats will probably have star tight end Rob Gronkowski back on the field after an injury that’s sidelined him so far this season.  But who’s the better star tight end, Gronkowski or Jimmy Graham?  We may get that question answered Sunday.  And, then again, we may see a rusty Gronkowski against an in-prime-condition Graham.

Close game?  Probably.  A sixth straight win for the Saints?  Let’s hope so!