New Orleans Police Search For Atlanta-Area Homicide Suspect

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New Orleans Police are searching for a man wanted for a triple-homicide in the Atlanta area.

The dragnet is out because an abandoned vehicle found in the area has been connected to the crime.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has details and local reaction.

His name is Robert Bell and authorities say he’s wanted in a quadruple-shooting that happened in the Atlanta area nearly one month ago.

Now local police are involved because the suspect may be in the New Orleans area.

“I guess this might be a place to disappear to,” visitor Autumn Beck said. “It’s kind of freaky but I guess we should always be on our toes so.”

“well I would love to see him caught if he is,” New Orleans resident Joe Conway said.

“We’ll definitely make us walk a little safer tonight and keep our wits about us,” New Orleans resident David Demsey said.

Atlanta authorities believe Bell used an assault rifle in an ambush-style shooting that left three dead and one injured.

The four victims were bell’s roommates. They were reportedly returning from a road trip to a Snellville home when Bell allegedly opened fire.

Police say Bell has been on the run ever since, and may now be in the New Orleans area; because an abandoned vehicle recently discovered here traced back to the Atlanta area crime.

“New Orleans is unfortunately a very dangerous town even without this and everyone should be very conscious of their surroundings, no matter what’s going on, whether there is some body from another state or city that’s allegedly here or could be in our city,” Dempsey said.

“I definitely think people should be on the lookout at least for his face,” New Orleans resident Jessica Lozano said.

A photo released by authorities shows Bell wearing oval framed glasses.

He has a round face, thin eye-brows, and was photographed wearing an afro.

WGNO News has learned the vehicle connected to the case, was likely towed to NOPD Headquarters and placed into evidence to be processed, and later transferred to Atlanta area authorities.

Joe Conway hopes police are casting a wide net.

“I would hope, as I said, that they could get a task force that would look in both locations both Atlanta and here in New Orleans since they found the car here and get the guy off the street as soon as possible.”

Investigators are sharing few details about the ongoing investigation.

A motive in the case has yet to be determined.


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