A REAL American Horror Story: The National Debt

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New Orleans is a famously haunted city. The TV series American Horror Story is currently being filmed here and features a cast member named for the diabolical Delphine LaLaurie (1). Fans of the show delight in being scared out of their bowels by something that is as likely to happen as lightning striking them whilst inside the Superdome.

I often wonder why the same people aren’t mortified of an actual American Horror Story starring Delphine Pelosi? It’s called the National Debt.

During our current temporary interruption in non-essential wealth transfers, Pelosi insists that “the cupboard is bare there are no more cuts to make” which hints that actual cuts have been made, they haven’t, and that the government’s $3.7 TRILLION annual price tag is a bargain, it isn’t. In that last statement lies the crux of the problem: why isn’t the mention of ANY government, with an army, spending $3.7 TRILLION, enough to send shivers down any freedom lover’s spine?

Let me ask that question another way. To the average WhoDat which is more scary: the Saints taking their 5-0 record on the road to face Tom Brady’s New England Patriots or the city borrowing $34.5 million (2) so the NOPD can honor its “consent decree” with the Feds? The obvious answer is the horror of the Saints going 5-1, while the city they hail from surrenders its sovereignty and millions to the Federal bully.

Speaking of bullies, another American Horror Story will be reviewed by the St Tammany School Board tonight and then be subject to a vote.  This bully is called Common Core. The local media that covered St Tammany’s last School Board meeting made it sound like the citizen-parents who showed up demanding relief from Common Core, were the LaLauries (3). If Common Core goes down in flames tonight, expect those citizen-parents to be promoted to Tea Partiers and we all know horrified most media are of them.

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