St. Rose Teen Launches “Cyber-Terror-Scare” on Students in North Carolina

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A 14 year old student in St. Charles Parish is behind bars accused of terrorizing a North Carolina high school.

A bogus online threat of a mass school shooting at Pine Forest High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina kept students out of school, cancelled the homecoming dance and launched a cyber-investigation by the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

“It`s much easier than they think for us to track them down,” says Capt. Pat Yoes with the St Charles Sheriff’s Office.

Capt. Yoes says Cumberland County`s investigation led them to St. Charles Parish, “Got a search warrant from the internet provider and was able to track down the IP address. That IP address narrowed the search to a home in St. Rose.”

The posting read like a heartbroken, bullied boy who had enough — stating he would shoot up Pine Forest High School before killing himself.

Capt. Yoes says the 14 year old admitted to researching social media sites to find the names of real students, and then post personalized threats in a chat room, “He ingested those names into his threats so therefore it looked like somebody locally was making the threats. He was on-line posting threats so that he could see their reaction. From there, people copied it and posted it through social media and twitter so it really spread pretty big.”

At the North Carolina high school attendance was down to 60 percent the following day.

The St. Rose teen is in juvenile detention center awaiting his first court appearance Thursday.

Yoes says it`s not fair to publically identify which St. Charles Parish school the alleged ‘cyber teen terrorist’ goes to.

“When I find out what school system he`s with I`m going to contact the school system,” says Cumberland Co. Schools Superintendent Dr. Frank Till.   “And let them know he in fact caused the cancellation of a dance and caused some concern and I`m going to ask the superintendent to take disciplinary action against him.”