NOFD: Fire prevention starts in the kitchen

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The number one cause of fire in the home is not kids playing with matches, not smokers leaving unattended cigarettes, and not even faulty electrical wiring. It’s cooking.

Two out of every five house fires in America starts in the kitchen. This is national fire prevention week and the NOFD is trying to educate everyone about the dangers of kitchen fires.

Here are tips to keep in mind when you’re cooking:

Never leave the kitchen if you’re frying, boiling, or grilling food. Not even for a second.

“Often, when we’re called to a fire that started in the kitchen, residents tell us they only left the kitchen for a few minutes,” said Superintendent Timothy McConnell. “Sadly, that’s all it takes for a fire to start.”

Also, keep your stove burners clean of grease and spilled food and if you have small kids or pets keep them away from the stove and use back burners as much as possible.

The best advice, however, is to install a smoke alarm. The NOFD will come to your house and do that for you, free of charge. To sign up, go to or call 658-4714.