New Orleans Police Investigate Multiple Weekend Shootings

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A weekend full of gunfire has spilled over into the start of the week; and it’s keeping New Orleans Police busy tracking leads.

Investigators are looking into at least seven shootings, including one that injured a 4-year old.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter talked to a local criminologist who shares his thoughts on the possible mindset of suspected gunmen.

“It’s not right, it’s not right,” neighbor Christopher Washington said. “It’s not right at all.”

It is a community still reeling from a deadly shooting.

It happened Sunday in New Orleans East; inside a home in the 13-thousand block of Maple Wood Drive.

In the end, a 4-year old boy suffered a graze wound, and his 44-year old grandmother died.

Trotter asked, “Surprised that it would happen here?” “Yeah,” Washington said. Trotter asked, “Why?” “Nobody don’t bother nobody I mean,” Washington replied.

It’s perhaps the most high profile case in a long list of shootings that happened over the weekend.

In addition to the shooting in which a 19-year old was found Monday, dead in a car in Bayou St. John, New Orleans Police are investigating at least five other incidents.

This weekend’s round of shootings in not the first time where innocent children were injured.

For example — one year old Londyn Samuels was killed by a bullet on South Saratoga Street.

11-year old Arabian Gayles was struck by a stray bullet as she slept in her Gen. Ogden Street home.

“We have some seriously mentally ill people in this criminal population,” Tulane Criminologist Peter Scharf said.

Scharf believes there are deep rooted problems at play, anytime a gunman opens fire with no regard to innocent bystanders.

He thinks the rash of shootings is in part the result of years of neglect  in areas like special education, and proactive mental health.

“They don’t care who gets in the way,” Scharf said. “It’s we’re going to get you no matter what.” “We’re not going to worry about aim, we’re not going to worry about targeting, and we’re not going to worry about non-involved victim innocence.” “We’re going to get you.” “If that’s not mentally ill I don’t know what is.”

Back in the east, Washington agrees and says there’s no excuse.

“It’s pathetic to see people killing people for probably no reason,” Washington said.

Scharf believes city and state leaders should reallocate funds in areas of mental health and special education, in order to address the issue.