$1,000 Reward Offered For Lost Stuffed Dog

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Winston Von Bark

The owners of a lost stuffed dog are offering a $1,000 reward for his safe return.

The dog’s name is Winston. He was lost in the French Market on the corner of Governor Nicholls and French Market Place in the French Quarter.

The stuffed animal was last seen on September 28th at 2pm.

If found call (601)810-7401 or email winston@goldfish.id.au


  • Thomas

    I think, this has to get far more attention than it got up to now. I know very much what it means to lose a fluffy. Get home soon, Winston!

  • Ti Nounours

    I'm a friend of Winston's and I have a bear as well. I would be devastated if I lost him, and I can only emphasize with his owners. Please help find him.

  • Anne-Cécile

    I have had my teddy bear for 24 years and I couldn't live without him. Please help find Winston. It might not seem important to some people, but he means the world to his humans and all his friends around the world.

  • Kimi Abel

    I am a much loved travel bear and have been with my human Mama for 25 years and with my Papa for 12 years. I make them happy, and I have made many people happy who have met me on my travels. Mama would also pay US$ 1000 reward to get me back if I were lost. I do not only give her joy but also hold memories of 25 years of travelling and living together. I have seen the world! I am more important than Mama's wedding ring :-) Kimi

  • David

    I for one completely understand the emotional attachment to the stuffed dog. When I was growing up, I had a stuffed snow leopard named Kitty that I carried with me for years. My family broke apart when I was very young, and Kitty became a subconscious symbol of the family and unity that I had lost. Once I forgot it on a vacation trip to east Tennessee, and my father and I searched for days until a resident returned it to me. Decades later, if I lost it on a trip anywhere, I would expend every resource available to retrieve it, not as a stuffed animal, but as a sentimental object of my childhood years that will never come again. I hope sincerely that someone in the LA area has found it and is generous enough to return it. Best wishes.

  • lucy

    I stumbled on this article this morning and it hit a note with me as I have a monkey who has been ‘ part of our family’ for 10 years now & I’d be devastated if he went missing. He was part of our wedding too & came on our round the world honeymoon!! I hope these folks find Winston, he is clearly missed very much. I will be sharing his Facebook page & Twitter. Good luck

  • Ted Bear

    He is my friend and he went missing when I was with him. How I wish I had just looked over my shoulder and seen him on the ground. Please everyone keep your eyes open for him and keep sharing.


  • Liz H

    Please please bring Winston home, he is loved by his family and his hundreds of friends worldwide. Everyone is missing him and I know I would be completely heart broken if I lost any of my fluffy animals especially the ones Ibe had since birth

  • Blund

    PLEASE KEEP SHARING so that our beloved friend Winston can be found…he is an important link of our community…we miss him!

  • ><> Fish <><

    What if someone bought the same dog for $25 bucks, claimed it's Winston and scored a grand off the Winston's owner. Easy money there.

  • Kathy

    Very sad that this cute dog hasn't been found yet. Am sure the couple must be very sad. Really do hope the person who found him returns him soon.

  • Kimpony

    The person who has this dog really needs to try to find the owner. He was obviously loved. I mean, just look at his little outfit.

  • Kimpony

    I heard the owner will be visiting media companies today in New Orleans. Maybe they will pay attention and get the little doggie home.

  • Kimi Abel

    I have heard that some people think the Winston story is an ongoing joke between fluffies. But it is not! Winston's owners are soooo sad that he has not been found yet, and the $1000 reward is real! Please help to find Winston!

  • Kathy

    Keep checking back here to see if Winston has been found since I feel so bad for the couple who lost him. :( Obviously he has to mean an awful lot to them to offer that type of reward. Really wish the person who has him would realize how important he is to them and return him. He has to be someone who doesn't have a heart if he deliberately isn't returning him or just doesn't realize people are looking so hard to find him. If that's the case it would be really nice if somebody could give some coverage to Winston's story so the person might know about him or maybe even somebody who knows the person who took him. Really hope Winston is returned soon.

  • Claude Chambers

    Please help find our good friend Winston, his family and friends miss him too much for words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer

    This is a really sad story- I was there when he went missing, and he was gone in a matter of minutes. Please share this story !

  • Jane

    This is such a sad story. We all have a teddy in our heart that has been there for us through thick and thin. Come on residents of New Orleans…lets pull together and try to return this Winston to his owners. Thank you

  • Claude Chambers

    This little puppy need to be home with his family, so lets get him found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hannele

    It's winter soon and Winston is still out there somewhere..please help us find him! Please, that's all I can say. I live too far away to help with the actual search.

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