Questioning the Common Core puts our kids’ educations at risk

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It’s amazing what can be considered controversial in Louisiana.  The Common Core academic standard, that Louisiana and 44 other states have adopted, is being challenged by some in our state.

It’s interesting to me that some in Louisiana, a state that has been at or near the bottom in education for the better part of the last half century or more, question what 90% of this country has embraced.  Do they think the rest of the country doesn’t care about their kids and we do, when the opposite has been proven true?

Louisiana’s adults have sold out their own kids for decades by allowing them to receive one of the worst educations in America and worse, doing nothing to change that fact. That’s the hard, pathetic truth.

But now we are doing something about it.  Now we have a higher standard. A standard that elevates all kids in Louisiana. That actually prepares them for real life and even college! A standard that some in our state feel is too tough for our kids, that our kids simply can’t handle.

We shouldn’t think our kids are inferior to other kids from around the country.  That they can’t learn at the level of other kids. Common core ensures, at the very least, that Louisiana’s kids will get the education that kids from all over America receive. A clearly better education. And there’s nothing controversial about that.