Preparing For Hurricane Season Means Preparing To Evacuate

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What?  The latest prediction calls for an active hurricane season? Well, we’ve heard that before.  And sure, plenty of people blow off the prediction.

But even if you don’t pay any attention to the gloom and doom, you should still prepare for an evacuation, just in case.

WGNO asked personal security expert Brannon Lebouef for tips to make the evacuation road trip a little less stressful.

Lebouef says the first thing you need to do is know — well in advance — is who you’re taking with you.

“Is it two adults, an adult, adults and 2 kids, 2 dogs, a cat, a turtle and a fish?” Lebouef asked.

Lebouef knows people are familiar with many of the basics like… bring food and water and have a full tank of gas.

But he has some suggestions that may be a little off your radar.

First, he tells people to make sure they have tools to handle a minor mechanical problem on the road.

“Jumper cables and something to address flats, some wrenches, screw drivers, in case you might have to work on the vehicle.”

Lebouef says you should definitely have a first aid kit.  But he takes that suggestion one step further, saying you should also include an everyday carry kit (EDK).  “An actual trama kit.”

If you want to carry any containers of extra fuel, make sure you store them outside the vehicle to avoid exposure to fumes.

Lebouef says you need to know your final destination before you leave.  You should also have an alternate route to get there in case your original route is blocked or too congested with traffic.

He also suggests having a can of Fix-A-Flat with you.  He says use that first, and save your spare tire in case you have another flat along the way.

He also says prepare your mind along with your vehicle.  “You gotta have a positive mind-set because no matter how good of a plan you have, it’s going to have to be changed.”

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