Obamacare Sign-Up Still Out of Reach for Louisiana

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The Affordable Care Act is still having a tough day in Louisiana.  Tuesday, the day “Obamacare” was to be offered to the public for the first time, the White House said so many people were trying to sign up online that websites were crashing.  President Barack Obama promised to fix that.

But on Wednesday, it was more of the same. It’s a program that many people don’t fully understand – and can’t get access to, so far, at least.

“Everyone will be entitled to have insurance.”   That’s how Pamela Schmidt of Metairie understands “Obamacare” is supposed to work.

But if you go on the official website to sign up, healthcare.gov, and apply for the Louisiana version of the plan, you get a screen saying too many visitors are trying to get on.  But just wait a minute, the screen message adds, and you can log in.  We waited for two hours Wednesday morning and still never got on.

Metairie resident Louis Gomez told us he’s not shocked: “Typical, but didn’t surprise me. I retired from city govenrment, and government is the worst-run business that exists.”

Still, many are hoping that the sign-up site will soon be fixed up, and that affordable health care will come to thousands of Louisianians who are doing without.  Some people are skeptical.

“It’s supposed to give us health care for everyone and supposed to bring health care for poor people who haven’t had it before,” adds Gomez. “Especially people with children that can’t afford insurance.  Hopefully this will give them the opportunity to have insurance.”

Even though government officials have vowed to fix the online sign-up glitches “soon,” no one can say how soon that might actually be.


  • Linda McCray Glascock

    Affordable Healthcare is nothing more than communistic and socialistic law. The government should not be able to force a person to buy something that they do not want to buy. The liberal Supreme Court justices, are wrong for making this a law. The Supreme Court does not care about rights of people, they are swayed by political views. Obama is a Muslim and his agenda is tearing down of America, this is only a scrap of what is coming.

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